Helpful Links


  Access Dane

Information on property values, property taxes, zoning, school districts and more can be found at the AccessDane website. 

Hint: if searching by address, only enter the first field (street number address) and third field (street name).  Avoid entering street type (road, street, boulevard, circle, etc.)  This may cause 'no match' results due to abbreviation mismatches.

  Assessment Data

Use this link to get the Assessor's data on a property.  Enter Dane County, Town of Middleton and the Address or Parcel number of the property you are interested in.  Then click View Detail and View Full Report.  This will generate a link to a .pdf file.  Click on "here" at the top of the page to view.

 Statewide Election & Voting  has a comprehensive 'Information about Voting' section and action items for voters in Wisconsin such as registering to vote or requesting absentee ballots.

Wisconsin Elections Commission has drop down menus for 'Voters' and 'Elections' containing excellent information about voting in Wisconsin.

See also the Voting and Election Q & A section of the Town Website.