Stormwater Master Plan



The Stormwater Master Plan for the Town of Middleton was developed for several reasons in
2007. Primarily, the report addressed requirements of a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination
System (WPDES) Permit. Those requirements included illicit discharge detection and elimination,
municipal pollution prevention, detention basin inventory and maintenance, stormwater permit
tracking, stormwater funding options, and public information, education, and outreach. Since
the report was originally created in 2007, the Rock River Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)
became effective in September 2011. Therefore, there are many more topics covered in this
report than in a typical stormwater master plan.

Typical stormwater related issues are also addressed, with the water quality and water quantity
(flooding) sections. The water quality section addresses many aspects of surface water and
groundwater quality, including the modeling of total suspended solids (TSS) reduction in the
Town to comply with State regulations. Computer modeling was completed that shows the
amount of TSS and TP reduction that the Town is currently achieving with its stormwater facilities.
Known flooding and erosion problem areas in the Town were identified in the water quantity
section. These areas were evaluated to define the problems and in some cases, planning was
done and topographic information was collected. There is a summary of each area and what
needs to be done to address these issues. This update to the Stormwater Master Plan
incorporates projects that the Town has completed from the 2007 plan.

By following the recommendations in this report and by adhering to ongoing WPDES Permit
requirements, the Town will be doing what is required to keep abreast of federal, state, and
county stormwater requirements. By addressing the existing flooding and erosion problem areas,
the Town will be doing what it can to ensure safe and effective handling of stormwater runoff.
Going a step further, the Town can become an innovative and proactive leader in effective,
environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing stormwater treatment by pursuing
conservation, restoration, and enhancement projects related to stormwater.