Road Projects

2024 Pulverize and Overlay Project 

Alternative to Driveway Replacement Form

Driveway Replacement Policy

Roads Impacted:

  •  Stonewood Drive
  •  Ziegler Court

In general, the work consists of tree and brush removal, drainage improvements, pulverizing the existing pavement, undercutting areas of poor subgrade, repaving the mainline road, and restoration of driveway aprons and shoulders to match the new road profile. 

The project completion schedule for the work requires the contractor to begin the project after June 10, 2024, and have it substantially complete by August 30, 2024. Town residents affected by the Pulverize and Overlay Road Projects will receive detailed information before the project begins.


2024 Seal & Crack Fill Surface Treatment Road Projects

The Crack Fill and Chip Seal projects are tentatively scheduled to occur between June 2, 2024, through September 1, 2024.  The roads that will be included with these projects:


  •  Airport Road – Evergreen Road to Enchanted Valley
  •  Elderberry Road – From a point 750’ East of N. Pleasant View intersection to 9311 Elderberry Road
  •  Greenwood Road – Mound View Road to End
  •  Ice Age Lane – Noll Valley Road to End
  •  Leflore Court – Greenwood Road to Ends
  •  Noll Valley Road – Timber Lane to End
  •  Noll Valley Circle – Noll Valley Road to End
  •  Pucoon Circle – Bergamot Lane to End
  •  Spruce Valley Drive – Valley Woods to End
  •  Valley Woods Drive – Spruce Valley to Valley View Road