Noll Valley (Oak Savanna) Conservancy

Noll Valley Conservancy is a great place for plant and nature lovers. The Conservancy's trails connect with the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, where an additional 80 acres of parkland and miles of trails are available for outdoor enjoyment.

Noll Valley Conservancy is located a half mile east of Timber Lane on Noll Valley Road in the southwest corner of the Town of Middleton (Trail Map #1).

The five-acre conservancy features a quarter-mile loop walking trail through a savanna remnant – a piece of the original prairie and oak savanna that once was. According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, prior to European Settlement, southern Wisconsin plant communities were primarily prairie, oak woodland, and oak savanna. During the past 200 years, over 99% of the original oak savannas were lost due to clearing, overgrazing, and invasion by dense shrub and tree growth due to lack of fire or grazing.

Oak savanna is considered one of the most threatened plant communities in the Midwest with less than 0.01% remaining undisturbed. Also found in this relatively small Conservancy are over 154 native plant species.

In 1988, the Conservancy site was established as a conservation park by an agreement between the Town of Middleton and the developers of the Noll Valley subdivision. Noll Valley Conservancy is maintained by the Town of Middleton and by The Prairie Enthusiasts, a non-profit organization that protects, restores and maintains prairies and savannas.

Dogs are not permitted in Town conservancy areas. Town of Middleton Dog Friendly Trail Map