Placement and Installation of Rural Mailboxes in the Town of Middleton


The Town regulates the placement of mailboxes in rights of way both to comply with U. S. Postal Service regulations and to ensure that snowplowing and other highway maintenance services can be carried out safely without damage to Town equipment or injury to its operators or damage to the mailboxes themselves.

For installation of a mailbox, the support shall adhere to the standards governing construction of mailbox supports as established by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and shall not constitute a hazard to the public use of the right-of-way.  Plastic posts are prohibited.  The mailbox and base should be strong enough to withstand flying snow and slush from traffic and snowplows.    

Please see link below for the proper placement of a mailbox and type of supports to be use.

Snow Removal

The owner of each mailbox and/or newspaper tube (in the case of clustered mailbox units, the homeowners’ association of the subdivision for which the clustered mailbox unit is provided), shall, within 24 hours after the end of each snowfall, remove all snow and ice which has fallen or accumulated in front of said mailbox and/or said newspaper tube and shall remove the snow for a distance of 15 feet to each side of said mailbox and/or newspaper tube.

Please see link below for the Town's Mailbox Damage Policy.