Snow Removal: Facts and Tips

        Road safety is the Town of Middleton Public Works Department’s primary concern during the winter months. The Public Works Department treats the pavement and removes snow whenever road conditions call for these services. Our drivers work extended hours to ensure safe and effective snow removal. Please help the Crew by following the Snow Emergency Tips and Reminders listed below:

  •  The Town of Middleton has about 68 road miles to maintain.
  •  It may take 5 to 6 hours to complete a typical plow route. Accumulations will occur during this time— we ask that residents please be patient.
  •  Roads within the Town are prioritized and treated and plowed in the following order: Main-Line Roads, Secondary Roads, and Cul-de-sacs.
  •  Please move all vehicles off of the roads and cul-de-sacs during all snow events.
  •  All snow plows angle the same way, to the drivers right, and plowing snow will get pushed into the ends of the driveways. The only way to avoid extra shoveling is to wait until the Town Crew has gone by and/or have done their final clean-up on the road.
  •  Please do not place garbage and recycling containers in the roadway.
  •  Never pass a snowplow.
  •  Never assume the snowplow drivers can see you. Stay at least three (3) car lengths behind the truck. If you cannot see the driver in his mirrors, then he cannot see you either.
  •  Be aware that snowplows will on occasion backup up at intersections.
  •  If you use a snow blower to clear your driveway, do not blow the snow into the road. It is unlawful per Town Ord. 8.02(5).
  •  If you, or your contractor, use a snow plow to clear your driveway, do not push the snow into or across the road as this is dangerous to motorist and it is illegal.
  •  The Town will place snow markers at critical locations.
  •  Please reduce your speed while driving in snow and ice conditions. Speed is the #1 cause of most accidents during the winter.
  • Property owners can minimize the risk of mailbox damage by clearing a 15-foot path in front of (the direction from which the snowplow driver comes from) their mailbox. This allows for the snow load to be dispersed prior to arriving at the mailbox location.


A snow emergency means that all vehicles must be moved off the street and there is NO STREET PARKING for the duration of the snow emergency.  Additionally, we are ask residents not to put out their garbage and recycling containers until the morning of their scheduled pick up during a snow emergency.  Carts in the road create an obstruction that plow trucks must drive around. The fewer obstacles in the roads, the faster and more complete our plowing operation can be.